Episode 16 – Conducting Fieldwork: Witch Zaftig’s research on the Church of Satan

In this month’s segment of Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig, I discuss conducting fieldwork in the social sciences. The discussion includes generalized comments on research, but centers on my own fieldwork in the Church of Satan itself, and how to address all that that entails: ethics boards, protocols, consent forms, recruiting, data collecting and storing, confidentiality, and the challenges of navigating fieldwork with humans.

As mentioned in the podcast, strict ethical guidelines were enacted to prevent repeats of these types of incidents: the Tuskegee syphilis experiment and the Milgram experiment.

For more information check out this chapter, “The Ethics of Social Research.

There are many books for further study, but here are two:

For the beginner: Ethnographic Fieldwork: A Beginner’s Guide.

For the more advanced: The Handbook of Social Research.

As always, listen to the stand-alone segment here, or the entire podcast here.

Original air-date December 27, 2015.