Blasphemy Sing Along!

As heard on the latest 9sense Podcast, here’s a little Christmas blasphemy¬†for the fans…

Hark the fallen angel sings
“Glory to the light he brings!”
Hell on earth and parties wild
sexy sinners get all riled!

Lucifer exemplifies
Decadence fortified
Elite cabals do proclaim:
“Beelzebub is aflame!”

Hark! The fallen angel sings
“Glory to our Dark Flame King!”

Horrific Holiday Special / Episode V

This week I co-host the Horrific Holiday Special with Rev. Campbell on the 9sensepodcast for Dec. 21, XLIS A.S. featuring music by One Hell of a Christmas! and special guest M.R. Stover, with musical performances by myself, Erin and Jessie, and horrible holiday stories by the audience and hosts.

The Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig segment discusses¬†Zoroastrianism, moral dualism, and Abrahamic Religions, and how they influence contemporary concepts of “good” and “bad.”

As an added bonus this week, you can read about me and some other Sexy Satanic Witches in the lastest article of Helle Magazine. You’re welcome.

Happy Solstice, Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year to all the listeners!