Christian Same-Sex Love Spells

As briefly mentioned in Episode III of Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig, on the 9sensePodcast, here are two examples of Christian same-sex love spells from late antiquity. Click on images to enlarge.

Christian Same-Sex Love Spell

From Ross Shepard Kraemer’s Women’s Religions in the Greco Roman World (Oxford University Press, 2004).

Screen shot 2014-10-15 at 12.17.07 PM

From Marvin W. Meyer and Richard Smith, eds. Ancient Christian Magic: Coptic Texts of Ritual Power (Princeton University Press, 1999).

Episode III: Magic and Mormonism

On the third episode of Unorthodoxy with Witch Zaftig, we discuss magic in early mormonism, based on the book by D. Michael QuinnEarly Mormonism and the Magic World View (Signature Books; 2nd Edition edition: 1998).

Quinn Book

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